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Dotsie Poli - Core Educational Consultants

Dotsie Poli, founder of Core Educational Consultants, is an experienced educational consultant with a solid foundation as a classroom teacher, curriculum developer, and dean of students. She launched Core Educational Consultants in 2005 with the mission of helping students worldwide to navigate the college application process. Core Educational Consultants helps students strengthenen their academic and overall profile through strategic course planning, preparing properly for standardized test, examining and bolstering their extra curricular interests, and most importantly, assisting with the numerous university application essays.

Dotsie is dedicated to guiding, instructing, and inspiring teenagers to achieve their academic goals. Dotsie’s personal touch helps middle and high school students with executive functioning skills, including time management, working memory and organization, as well as improve writing skills. It’s this approach that enables her to identify each student’s learning style and provide appropriate resources, exercises, and support.  Dotsie has delivered lectures to parents on pertinent educational development topics, including “The Reluctant Learner,” “Study Skills:  The Parent’s Role,” and “The Path to College”