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"One of Dotsie’s strengths is her ability to connect with every student on a personal level"

“As a rising senior, I was incredibly unaware about applying to colleges. I had little to no idea how to choose a college, complete my ACT/SATs and apply to my top choices. When I first came to Dotsie, I was struck by how knowledgable she was and she immediately helped me pick between the ACT and SAT. Following that, I really struggled to understand what colleges wanted from me and how I was supposed to write a college essay and Dotsie was there every step of the way so the whole application process didn’t seem so overwhelming. Ultimately, I was accepted into my top choice for college and I owe a lot of it to Dotsie!”
Tara Aggarwal

” Dotsie is very methodical in her approach to the whole university application process and my daughter found her very helpful in directing her thoughts and expanding her message to the most powerful experiences in her essays. Dotsie is very consistent and regular with useful feedback and works very well with the students as she understands their motivations quickly.”
Ramesh Raghavan

” Our son and us were immediately reassured upon meeting Dotsie. She walked us through the whole process without overwhelming the child with unrealistic tasks and goals. She challenged his assumptions and got him to aim high. She was a reassuring presence while having exacting standards for the college essays. Ultimately our son gained admission to an Ivy League school via the early decision process.

We have now signed her on for our younger son too.”

Rajiv and Rima Baruah

” Because of Dotsie, my husband and I were able to advice and support our son in a way that created less conflict. We had complete confidence in the support that our son was receiving from Dotsie, so it protected the integrity of our relationship.   As much as the college process is dreadful, I feel Dotsie negated so much of the stress and anxiety that is inherent to applying to college.  We are grateful for all that Dotsie has done for our son as well as our family.”
Pam Intrater

” Dotsie has worked with 3 of my children, all of whom have very different personalities and academic abilities and challenges.  Dotsie is extremely professional and has a vast network of experience working with students. One of Dotsie’s strengths is her ability to connect with every student on a personal level.  They love her. All of my children have become better students because of Dotsie.  She has helped improve their writing, their grammar, and their time management.  She has also helped them manage stress during exam time by helping them to prioritise and create realistic schedules.  I would highly recommend Dotise to any student.”

Lori McConaghy

” As it finally sinks in, we are so eternally grateful to [Dotsie]. As we look back – We are realising how useful it was to have [her] support for the entire application process. While we were preoccupied sorting our other issues, it was wonderful that [she] kept a watchful eye on our daughter. And I have to say, she felt very well connected to [Dotsie]. We are so glad that we got [her] reference very well in time. Initially we wondered how the long distance would work in terms of coordination but it went through effortlessly. In fact, we felt it was a seamless round the clock 24 hour effort with us sending our edits in the Asia time zone and [her] evaluating them in the US time zone. The next morning, Asia time we would be waiting for [Dotsie’s] golden words…’good to go'”

” The proof of her guidance is in the offers our daughter received, from Washington St Louis, USC, Emory and BU. This included a substantial merit based scholarship offer from Emory and also the Trustee Scholarship at BU, covering all tuition costs. The latter was only offered to 20 students, from an application pool of 8,500. “

” Dotsie provided counselling to our daughter, who started university in the US in the Fall of 2016. Over the course of a year, Dotsie provided help and guidance with the ACT, university selection and shortlisting, the twenty odd essays and the Common Application. During this process Dotsie formed an invaluable and close bond with our daughter and was available day or night to provide advice and encouragement. “

” Our association with Dotsie started in 2014 when our older son was in Grade 11. We were anxious parents when we came to Dotsie as our son studied in a British school which did not have adequate expertise for US college admissions.”

” Dotsie has been extremely helpful throughout my college application process and I honestly believe that it is due to her advice that I am currently studying at Brown University. Dotsie’s approach was different from many other counsellors around me, in that she truly focused on whether the college was a correct fit for me rather than simply looking at prestigious or name-brand universities. Furthermore, Dotsie gave uniquely in-depth advice on each of my college essays. Despite this, she ensured that it was my voice, thoughts and writing that was maintained throughout. I would absolutely recommend Core Educational Consultants.”

Prakrit Baruah

“Dotsie’s knowledge on US colleges is encyclopaedic and a great help in getting the ‘right fit’ for a student. She worked tirelessly to make sure we had a full picture of both the positives and possible drawbacks on each university reviewed.”